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A European Network of Networks: New Perspectives on Landscapes

Location Brussels, Belgium
Date 27 - 28 November 2008
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COST and the European Science Foundation (ESF) have joined forces to establish a European “network of networks” in the field of landscape studies. Management of landscapes is of major importance for the well-being of European citizens, our cultural heritage and environmental sustainability. The series was concluded by this Synthesis Workshop.

Four initial thematic workshops took place in 2008:

  1. Landscapes: Perceptions, Values and Meanings, Nottingham 8-9 May
  2. Landscapes: Social relations and environmental resources, Stockholm 27-29 May
  3. Landscapes: Imagining the future, Madrid 12-13 June
  4. Exploring New Territories in Landscape Studies, Krakow 19-21 September

The synergy initiative culminated in the synthesis workshop, which discussed the transversal themes, and resulted in a joint COST-ESF science policy briefing. This identified coordination and collaboration needs and potentials which arise from the profiles and results of existing programmatic, national and international research activities. It also described new needs for knowledge to underpin evidence-based decision-making in the implementation of the European Landscape Convention.

The workshop brought together the chairs and other key participants of the four thematic workshops, together with some newly invited outsiders and stakeholders. They debated conclusions, conand divergences and prepared the drafting of the joint COST-ESF science policy briefing.

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