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Introduction to the COST Framework - Bulgaria

Location Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Date 02 July 2015  | 14:00 - 17:00
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This initiative consists of a series of half-day events where national research communities are informed by representatives of the COST Association about the COST Framework’s policies, activities and funding opportunities, with an emphasis on the Open Call for new COST Actions proposals, and COST Action representatives from the specific countries showcase the outstanding results of their participation in COST Actions and share their experiences and best practices.

This information session was organised with the support of the Technical University of Sofia.

Attendance was open to national and local research communities, as well as industry, SMEs, private labs, academia and other interested groups.

Participants of running and ended COST Actions from Bulgaria were also invited to attend.

Some of the topics that were presented are:
- What is COST and how does it work?
- What are the COST Actions and how to participate in them?
- How to prepare a successful COST Action proposal?
- What is the added value and impact of participating in a COST Action?