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COST Action IC1005 organises the First International Conference and SME Workshop on HDR imaging

Location Oporto, Portugal
Date 09 - 10 April 2013
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High Dynamic Range imaging can capture and display the full range of real-world lighting. This Conference and SME Workshop brought together leading academic and industrial researchers and practitioners to review the latest developments and considered the future potential of this revolutionary technology.


There is a wide range of colours and lighting intensities in the real world. While our eyes have evolved to enable us to see in moonlight and bright sunshine, traditional imaging techniques, on the other hand, are incapable of accurately capturing or displaying such a range of lighting. Some areas may be under-exposed and others over-exposed. High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging technologies are an exception. HDR can capture and deliver a wider range of real-world lighting to provide a significantly enhanced viewing experience, for example the ability to clearly see the racing car as it enters and leaves a tunnel.


This conference and SME Workshop was aimed at academic and industrial Researchers and Practitioners who were working with imaging technology and were looking for a new approach that provides a step change in viewing experience.



The goal was to bring together leading researchers in practitioners in HDR techniques to exchange the latest ideas in this revolutionary field and transfer their wide range of knowledge to the participants. The event consisted of presentations, panel discussions and demonstrations with plenty of opportunities for networking.

Up to 4 page Extended Abstracts were sought for presentation at the event. Topics of interest include, but were not limited to:

  •  HDR content - capture and creation
  •  Cameras, post production, displays
  •  HDR on mobile devices
  •  Image based lighting
  •  Quality metrics
  •  Compression, tone mapping

Key dates

27 February : Extended abstract deadline
15 March : Authors notified
9-10 April : Conference and SME Workshop

Conference Chairs

Maximino Bessa and Rafal Mantiuk

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