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COST Training School: Glacial Isostatic Adjustment (GIA) Modelling

Location Gaevle, Sweden
Date 01 - 05 June 2009
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COST Training Schools disseminated the outcomes of activities which were part of COST Actions or provided intensive training on a new emerging subject. They were open to early-stage and senior researchers alike. As part of the Outreach Strategy, fifteen training schools took place between March and May 2009, on a variety of topics.

This training school gave participants an insight into the complicated interactions between continental ice mass changes, solid-earth deformation and concomitant sea-level variations. Thanks to the practical knowledge they aquired during the course, can link various data sets from both terrestrial and space-based instruments with numerical GIA models.

The course triggered new ideas for research in their particular fields of expertise. The programme included a field trip to a geological site in southern Sweden where geological sea-level change indicators can be seen in nature. A textbook on GIA modelling for non-GIA specialists will be published shortly.

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