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COST Foresight 2030 - Workshop on Computer and Communication Sciences and Technologies

Location Brugge/Bruges, Belgium
Date 01 - 03 April 2009
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COST Foresight 2030 is an initiative designed to explore a broadly-shared vision for a future world beyond 2030 permeated and shaped by the digital revolution.


It will encompass a series of events presenting long-term perspective in the following selected fields - Computer and Communication Sciences and Technologies (CCST), Life Enhancement , Energy , Food Security , Natural Resources Management and Societal Organisation - which play fundamental roles in human life and which are envisaged to be highly influenced by CCST-enabling technologies.

"This first brainstorming workshop identified key technologies that could be available by 2030 and their benefits for society. These outcomes will feed subsequent meetings where scientific experts will address the challenges ushered in by such technologies,” explained Afonso Ferreira, COST Head of Science Operations. “We expect the proceedings and recommendations will serve as a valuable tool for policymakers, industry and researchers.”

Invited experts

The workshop gathered experts in the field of Computer and Communication Sciences and Technologies:

Paolo Bresciani, European Commission, BE
Peter Bryer, NOKIA, FI
Dieter Fellner, TU Darmstadt, DE
José-Luis Fernandez-Villacañas Martín, European Commission, BE
Dario Floreano, EPFL, CH
Paolo Gargini, INTEL, US
Andre Hagehülsmann, Microsoft, DE
Jurie Horneman, Mi'pu'mi Games, AT
Michael Peter Kennedy, University College Cork, IE
Joseph Mitola, Stevens Institute of Technology, US
Juan José Moreno Navarro, Ministry of Science and Innovation, ES
Hideo Ohno, Tohoku University, JP
Heike Riel, IBM, CH
Giulio Ruffini, Starlab, ES
Roberto Saracco, Telecom Italia, IT
Felix Schuermann, EPFL, CH
Fabrizio Sestini, European Commission, BE
Paul Spirakis, University of Patras, GR
Walter Van De Velde, European Commission, BE
Maya Van Leemput, Reelfutures, BE
Steve Wright, British Telecom, UK
Hugo Zaragoza, Yahoo, ES

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Chair of the Initiative

Afonso Ferreira
Head of Science Operations, COST Office (BE)

Co-chaired by

Gian Mario Maggio (COST Office, BE)
Leonard Hobbs (Intel, IE)
Thierry Goger (COST Office, BE)

Contact Information

Ms Antje Teegler
Conference Officer
COST Office
Avenue Louise 149
B-1050 Brussels
Tel. +32 2 533 38 57
Fax +32 2 533 38 90


NH Hotel Brugge/Bruges

Boeveriestraat 2
B-8000 Brugge/Bruges

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