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EuroEAP 2012 - 2nd International Conference on Electromechanically Active Polymer (EAP) transducers & artificial muscles

Location Potsdam, Germany
Date 29 - 30 May 2012
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The EuroEAP platform is an instrument created and managed by the ‘European Scientific Network for Artificial Muscles (ESNAM)’ - COST Action MP1003 to integrate the outcomes of its networking activities in the field of Electromechanically Active Polymer (EAP) transducers & artificial muscles for actuation, sensing and energy harvesting.

The conference welcomed contributions on all aspects of EAP transducers & artificial muscles, including materials, devices, applications, theory and modelling, control, driving strategies, design, manufacturing, characterisation, testing, reliability assessment, standardization, technological and research challenges, and so on.

The EuroEAP conference has a unique format in order to facilitate interaction between participants. The conference focus was on poster presentations, preceded by short oral introductions given from the podium by the authors. The poster presentations were intertwined by oral invited presentations given by world leading scientists, as well as representatives of industry.

The conference structure included:
‘EAPlenaries’ : plenary talks
‘EAPodiums’ : invited lectures
‘EAPills’ : very short oral presentations of each poster
‘EAPosters’ : poster presentations
 ‘EAPrototypes’ : exhibitions of prototypes
 ‘EAProducts’ : exhibitions of products.

For more information on this conference, please consult the conference website.

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Contact Information

Dr Federico Carpi
Chair of COST Action MP1003
University of Pisa