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COST Info Day: Promoting New Emerging Infrastructure and Research Projects

Location Wrocław Research Centre EIT+, Worclaw, Poland
Date 07 March 2013
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COST has been invited to organise an Info Day at the Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ in order to introduce the COST programme and opportunities. This effort is part of COST's commitment to increase inclusiveness in COST activities, while fostering scientific excellence throughout Europe.

With this event, COST aims to support information sharing and distribution towards interested researchers throughout Europe, enhance their networking opportunities and their career development in the spirit of its Action Plan of June 2012 . COST is committed to discover excellence throughout Europe and support promising teams of researchers.

This seminar was attended by 80 researchers and research grant managers eager to learn about local and transnational funding, networking and cooperation possibilities. Speakers included Polish COST Action participants, COST Action Chair, a representative from the Polish Government and the COST Office, as well as the President of the EIT+ Institute Governing Board. 

The seminar was an initiative of the EIT+ Institute, a company integrating the scientific-research potential of the Lower Silesian academic environment. The shareholders of the Company are the biggest universities and local authorities from Wrocław, Poland. The EIT+ Institute is engaged in the fields of nanotechnology; biotechnology and medicine; climate and energy; and information and communication technology.

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