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Estonia celebrates COST's 40th anniversary

Location Historical House of Blackheads, Tallinn, Estonia
Date 23 November 2011
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Estonian researchers, politicians and journalists met in the historical House of Blackheads to celebrate COST's 40th anniversary.

Academic speakers included well-known researchers involved in COST Actions:

  • Sylvain Joffre (Finnish Meteorological Institute) spoke about "COST Actions: a multi-faceted, flexible and effective instrument for building the European Research Area" .
  • Talis Bachmann (Professor of Cognitive and Forensic Psychology of the University of Tartu) gave a brief overview the science of consciousness - about the main directions of research, the most intriguing developments, and the most important achievements of European researchers. Professor Bachmann’s group is involved in COST Action BM0605 'Consciousness: A Transdisciplinary, Integrated Approach'.
  • Professor Rainer Kattel is one of the main protagonists of the Estonian innovation strategy and policy. He was elected, in 2002, aged 28, to a full professorship and chair in Public Management and European Studies at Tallinn University of Technology. Since 2004, he is also the Head of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. He talked about achievements in COST Action IS0902 'Systemic Risks, Financial Crises and Credit'.
  • Dr. Michele Mazzucco is a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Tartu. In his speech entitled "Reserved or On-Demand Instances? A Revenue Maximization Model for Cloud Providers" he examined the problem of managing a server farm in a way that attempts to maximise the nett revenue earned by a cloud provider by renting servers to customers according to a typical Platform-as-a-Service model.

In addition, participants enjoyed the performance of top Estonian jazz musicians, the sax player Villu Veski and the accordionist Tiit Kalluste.

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