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European Gender Summit

Location European Parliament and Thon EU Brussels Hotel, Brussels, Belgium
Date 29 - 30 November 2012
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COST was a proud partner of the second European Gender Summit themed 'Aligning Agendas for Excellence'.

European Gender Summit Logo

European Gender Summit 2012: Aligning Agendas for Excellence

Building on the great success of last year's event, the European Gender Summit 2012 brought together top-level researchers, science leaders, and policy-makers to examine gender issues that impact on the implementation of the upcoming Horizon 2020, the European Research Area, and Innovation Union.

The 2012 edition of the European Gender Summit demonstrated innovative initiatives in the area of gender equality introduced by leading science institutions and the Summit was designed to confront common challenges at national, EU and international levels. 

COST Science Café at the European Gender Summit: Networking the way to gender equality in science and technology

COST ran a Science Café within the programme of the European Gender Summit. On 30 November, the COST Science Café took place at the Thon EU Brussels Hotel and focussed on 'Networking the Way to Gender Equality in Science and Technology'.

The COST Science Cafe at the European Gender Summit officially launched  genderSTE , a new initiative to be launched on 28 November to advance the state of the art in knowledge and policy implementation on gender, science, technology and engineering through creating a network of policy-makers and experts on gender, science and technology.

Specifically, genderSTE is a Targeted Action that will enhance the implementation of gender-focussed policy measures for structural change in science and technology institutions, and integration of sex and gender dimensions in the content of science and technology. genderSTE will also work towards enhancing knowledge and resources regarding the sex and gender dimensions of technological development and innovation processes, with specific attention to the Grand Challenges identified in Horizon 2020 and the Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe.

Participants in this Science Café learnt about genderSTE’s plans for the coming four years, had the possibility to contribute to the further evolution of these plans, to put their organisations and countries onto genderSTE’s programme of meetings, workshops and training sessions and to join the genderSTE initiative.

For more information about the COST Science Café at the European Gender Summit, please visit the  event website.

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Science Café

Contact Information - genderSTE

Ms Melae Langbein
Science Officer
COST Office

Contact Information - COST Science Café at EGS 2012

Ms Alessandra Paccamiccio
PR and Communications Officer
COST Office
Tel. +32 (0)2 533 3854