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Data Collection and Mining toward the Virtual Chemistry of Smart Energy Carriers

Location University Federico II, Naples
Date 05 - 06 April 2016
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The workshop was a starting point for discussing the main requirements and tools to develop e-infrastructures, databases, software and mathematical tools for data collection and handling. It also addressed the chemistry optimisation of smart energy carriers.

COST Action SMARTCATS aims to create a Europe-wide network of leading academic, research institutions and key industries to promote the  use of smart energy carriers on a large scale  in order to  increase the fuel flexibility and carbon efficiency of energy production , supporting distributed energy generation strategies.Workshop topics include:

  • data standardization for storage and mining
  • repository and open science
  • defining "crucial" experiments and simulations
  • uncertainty and sensitivity analysis
  • error bounds in experimental data
  • methods for experimental and model data analysis
  • kinetic model generation and reduction

The outcome of the workshop will be available on the SMARTCATS website .

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