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COST Academy - Storytelling: spotting and writing a good story. Getting people to listen

Location COST Association, Brussels, Belgium
Date 21 March 2018
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COST Academy present a one day training session in Brussels, Belgium on 'Storytelling: spotting and writing a good story. Getting people to listen'

The aim of this course is to train delegates in how to communicate their stories to a range of non-specialist audiences, including policymakers, industry and the media. It involves a mixture of theory and practice, with delegates producing a written piece of communication, in the form of a draft press release about their COST Action, over the course of the day, as well as an “elevator pitch”.

Key learning outcomes include:

•  Motivations for communication, and how this dictates strategy

•  Key principles of writing about science for non-specialists

•  How to identify and engage with your audience

•  Communicating with policymakers and industry

•  What journalists look for in a story and what makes something newsworthy

•  How the media work and how to each them

•  How different media outlets cater for different audiences and ”angle” or frame their stories accordingly

•  Best practice in science communication: how to reduce the risk of misreporting/ distortion

Event type: invitation only 

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Upon invitation only