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COST Academy - Using social media to communicate your research

Location COST, Brussels, Belgium
Date 29 January 2018
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COST Academy presented a one day training session in Brussels, on 'Using social media to communicate your research'

On this one-day course, delegates learn how to create their own media channels of information using the three main social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

They will identify the strengths of each platform and develop a professional social media strategy to reflect the requirements presented by their work and career. By examining successful social media case studies from COST and beyond delegates will expand their skills and widen their networks. For many scientists, just finding time to write in a supportive environment is a barrier; to address this, a blog sprint session where all delegates produce a written piece with images and crosslinks forms part of the course.

Video content is shared much more frequently than written articles so we recommend that time on the course is allocated to exploring methods of creating short engaging videos within a social media context. Data and experience from creating our video archive will give examples of what gets shared and why.

The programme for the event can be found  here  

Event type: invitation only