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COST at the Week of Innovative Regions in Europe - WIRE 2017

Location KoŇ°ice, Slovakia
Date 28 - 30 June 2017
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Dr Katrin Vohland from COST Action Citizen Science was a speaker at the Widening participation session on 29 June (14.30 - 16.00).

The Citizen Science Action has been linking capacities and resources across Europe in order to investigate and extend the impact of the scientific, educational, policy, and civic outcomes of citizen science with policy makers, social innovators, citizens, cultural organizations, researchers, charities and non-governmental organizations. The network's main goal is to measure the potential of citizen science to enable social innovation and socio-ecological transition.

Participants in the  Widening session  analysed existing instruments that enable wider participation in EU research funding calls. They also discussed new ways to widen participation and encouraging excellent research after the current Horizon 2020 funding programme.  

Twinning, Teaming and ERA-Chair programmes representatives also participated in the debate. 

This year's conference was built around 4 topics: 

  • Digital innovation for growth and jobs 
  • Societal impact and socially responsible regional development
  • Creativity for innovation
  • Policy, widening and financing

All presentations and the image gallery are available on the  WIRE 2017 website

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