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COST-EC Joint Exploratory Workshop: Pathways for Connecting Excellence by Twinning, Teaming, ERA-Chairs and COST Networking Actions

Location COST Association, Brussels
Date 24 May 2016
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Integrating and empowering researchers and scientists from less connected academic, public or private institutions is currently one of the biggest challenges for European knowledge communities.

Today, multiple instruments provide opportunities to connect excellent researchers, teams and institutions across Europe building on different approaches ranging from far reaching and flexible pan-European networks (COST) to focused and intense partnerships between institutions (Twinning) and the development of new centres of excellence in less research performing countries (Teaming) or the integration of outstanding research leaders and their teams (ERA Chairs).

The objective of this workshop was to strengthen the existing initiatives under the Widening Pillar of Horizon 2020 by gathering all relevant stakeholders, by creating a common understanding of the instruments and strategies in place, and by analysing the potential for increased interaction and collaboration.

The workshop explored different pathways on how to combine these instruments in an upstream, downstream and/or parallel configuration in order to maximise impact.
It consisted of a combination of plenary and breakout sessions allowing for information sharing, exchange of ideas and debate.
The breakout sessions examined the subject from different angles such as networking, excellence and perspectives for the next generation.