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COST Connect: The relevance of impact in R&I policy – What role for networks?

Location COST Association, Brussels
Date 24 November 2017
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This COST Connect event was an open space for participants to discuss the role that impact criteria should play in future research and innovation policies and how the effects of networking can be adequately included.

The measurement of impact is a “hot topic” in European Research and Innovation policies. European funded research projects and programmes are increasingly asked to define and measure their impact, both in ex-ante and ex-post assessments. The way impact is defined and measured – and which data is used to do so – largely decides whether people, research projects, journals and institutes are seen as successful. Impact measurement will also play a crucial role in the discussions of the Next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP9). As stated by Carlos Moedas in October 2016 “impact should be a key value in FP9” and a more “sophisticated approach on impact is needed”.

With this COST Connect event, COST and the representatives of COST Actions wanted to contribute to this discussion by involving several stakeholders to work together on the question of what the role and definition of impact is in Research and Innovation policies. The aim was to bring a more diverse and inclusive interpretation of impact. The event offered an interactive forum to several COST Actions (both working on horizontal and thematic research topics) and stakeholders active in the EU’s R&I field.