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COST Arts & Technologies (CAT)

Location Zagreb, Croatia
Date 25 - 27 November 2013
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The rationale behind the COST Arts & Technologies (CAT) workshop is that there are large potential gains in integrating arts on the one hand with technologies on the other, to a larger extent than what has been done so far. Combining artistic creativity with technological expertise should in itself have a great potential to lead to new products, services and social innovations.

The workshop aimed at enabling innovative integration of arts and multi-, inter-, and transmedia technologies and their actual and potential integration with industry and society as a way of enhancing the competitiveness and creativity of European innovation in arts and technologies. The workshop also delivered initiatives and applications enhancing innovation, welfare and working towards a greener Europe.

CAT used several methods for achieving its aims: gathering top-level international experts presenting current state of the arts and technologies, presentation of new ideas through an open call, interactive sessions and brain-storming.