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Epigenetics: From Bench To Bedside

Location Athens, Greece
Date 05 - 08 May 2014
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Given that epigenetics is currently recognized as one of the most exciting fields of modern science, there is an urgent need for considering a role for the EU research community with respect to this new and emerging discipline of biology which, notably, is compared by many top-ranked scientists with the revolution of quantum physics at the beginning of the 20th century. The conference offered an excellent opportunity for defining a solid framework for establishing EU as a world leader in the field. The Domain structure at COST guaranteed a maximum of success by bringing together scientists from BMBS, CMCT, FA, and ICT. By employing a highly interdisciplinary panel of speakers as well as participants representing top-class EU academic institutions and enterprises, the event will clarify the emerging importance of epigenetics in basic as well as in applied research.

The conference covered all potential aspects of the positive impact of epigenetics in human health and well-being either indirectly through the advances of agriculture, food biotechnology, and bio-data collection for a more selective therapy or directly through therapeutics and drug discovery. Furthermore, the event provided solid evidence for the anticipated central role of epigenetics in the definition of future science, thus critically supporting the establishment of the field as a top-priority for the EU scientific community and the related industry. Especially with respect to industry, special attention was given to the possible engagement of the private sector in the field of epigenetics and the fascinating opportunities it provides for innovation. Such interplay between the pool of EU scientists and entrepreneurs was intentionally and systematically fostered by the conference, with the aim of fusing scientific knowledge with industrial determination and contributing to economic development and enhancement of employment for highly skilled scientific personnel. Moreover, the wide and well-planned dissemination of the conference outcomes expects to diffuse the anticipated impact of epigenetics-based innovation in society and human well-being to the broader EU audience and offer a good opportunity for positive feedback by the citizens of Europe.

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Contact Details

Christopher Irons
Conference Officer
tel: +32 (0) 2 533 38 18


Conference Photos

Conference Photos

Organising Committee

Prof. Anagnostis Argiriou, MC Member Greece, COST Actions ES0601 & ES0806

Dr Inga Dadeshidze, Science Officer, Biomedicine and Molecular Biosciences (BMBS), COST Office

Dr Lucia Forzi, Science Officer, Chemistry and Molecular Sciences and Technology (CMST), COST Office

Prof. A. Ganesan, Chair, COST Action TD0905

Prof. Soulla Louca, Chair, COST Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Domain Committee

Prof. Emmanuel Mikros, MC Member Greece, COST Action TD0905

Prof. Srećko Gajović, Chair, COST Biomedicine and Molecular Biosciences (BMBS) Domain Committee (Acting)

Prof. José J. Pueyo, Chair, COST Food & Agriculture (FA) Domain Committee

Prof. Dr Dieter Schinzer, Chair, COST Chemistry and Molecular Sciences and Technology (CMST) Domain Committee