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Arctic Shipping: Navigation through challenging waters

Location Teorifagbygget, University of Tromso, Norway
Date 25 January 2013  | 9:00 - 12:30
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This Open Workshop was held on 25 January 2013 in the week dedicated to the Arctic Frontiers. Arctic Frontiers supports open and independent dialogue, builds partnerships, and contributes to the discussion about pan-arctic political strategies for sustainable development in the Arctic.

Increased human activity in the Arctic will have significant economic, political, and social implications for Arctic nations, and will impact Arctic ecosystems. It is thus vital to balance human activities within Arctic regions with the need to manage and protect the environment and ecosystems in the short and long term.

Arctic Frontiers provides a platform for all arctic stakeholders to define priorities for development and research under the motto Balancing human use and ecosystem protection. The ultimate goal of Arctic Frontiers is to provide a better understanding of arctic regions within a pan-arctic perspective, and to promote sustainable levels of human activity based on scientific knowledge, cultural sensitivity and cooperation across borders.

Objectives of Arctic Frontiers:

  • to increase attention and commitment to sustainable development of the Arctic, particularly from the corporate sector.
  • to build new partnerships across sectors, generations and ethnic groups,
  • to offer a forum for delivering state of the art science to the public and at the same time bringing the sociological, political and economic framework for management of the Arctic to the attention of science.
  • to provide open access to everyone to the annual conferences through a live broadcast on the Internet, simultaneously interpreted in English and in Russian.
  • to develop new approaches and solutions to environmental challenges caused by human activity.

Arctic Shipping Workshop programme:

Opening by Chair ,Professor Tore Henriksen, Faculty of Law, University of Tromso

Reflections on an an agenda for safety and environmental standards for international shipping and navigation in the Arctic
Professor Aldo Chircop, Director
Marine & Environmental Law Institute, 
Schulich School of Law Dalhousie University, Canada

The Northern Sea Route Shipping Season 2012:  End and New Beginning
Professor Erik Franckx, Research Professor,
President of the Department of International and European Law,
Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium

Coffee break

The European Union and Maritime Safety in the Arctic
Adjunct professor Henrik Ringbom,
Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law,
Faculty of Law

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