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COST Actions: A Great Opportunity as Incubators for Molecular Science and Technology

Location Brussels, Belgium
Date 27 - 28 March 2014
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Founding a company in the fields of chemistry and the life sciences is not only associated with high initial investments for good equipment but it also requires capable minds to develop scientific ideas into marketable products. Many scientists at universities and other research institutions dream about a company but there are many hurdles to overcome to achieve such objective. From the basic scientific intuition to the establishment of a “new technology company“ able to attract customers, find suitable suppliers, hire an appropriate workforce, etc., a rigorous business plan is needed and investment capital is required to launch the start-up.

COST is an ideal platform for addressing these challenges because it is based on networking at the interface of science and technology. The special profile of CMST (Chemistry and Molecular Sciences and Technologies) at the interface of biology, pharmacy, medicine, and materials pushes this COST Domain to take on the challenge and organize a public event thanks to its location at the frontier of modern technology and innovation. In summary, an event of this type including scientists with entrepreneurship ideas, stakeholders and policy makers will fit ideally within Horizon 2020.

The event provided background information on legal issues, managing skills, business-oriented networking, venture capital, policy mechanisms and it should stimulate technology transfer from COST Actions. During the event successful examples of spin-off created or working within CMST Actions were showcased.

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Organising Committee

Dr Lucia Forzi, Science Officer, Chemistry and Molecular Sciences and Technologies (CMST), COST

Prof. Antonio Laganà, DC Member (Italy) CMST, COST; ECTN Association

Katharina Lehmeier, Project Officer, EUREKA/COST Bureau

Prof. Dr Dieter Schinzer, Chair, Chemistry and Molecular Sciences and Technologies (CMST) Domain Committee, COST

Prof. Anthony Smith, Secretary General, EC2E2N 2 Project of ECTN (European Chemistry Thematic Network) Association

Dr Georges Wanet, Former Coordinator of Trans-Domain Proposal’s Standing Assessment Body, COST