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COST in Western Balkans and the Activities of the Research, Innovation and Business Network (RIBN)

Location Brussels, Belgium
Date 24 March 2009  | 16:00 - 17:30
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For COST’s first seminar of 2009, the floor was given to Dr Boris Cizelj, Founding President of the Research, Innovation and Business Network (RIBN) for Central and South-Eastern Europe.

Dr Cizelj at the COST Seminar

Members of RIBN can benefit from networking facilitation, and they also have access to a pool of information on EU funding to help them navigate their way through the plethora of instruments to support them in their efforts.

Dr Cizelj explained that the focus of the network is to stimulate Europe’s knowledge base and ensure that all talent is given maximum opportunity (within and outside Europe.)

The phenomenon of ‘brain drain’, where human capital leaves a region, is a hot topic amongst the scientific community in South Eastern Europe. Researchers are currently attracted away from the Balkans to other countries like the United States, by perspectives, working conditions and salary.

These specific issues of Central and South Eastern Europe were examined further as RIBN encouraged participants to bring back solutions from beyond European borders to promote the harmonious development of Europe’s scientific and economic profile.

Svetlana Voinova, Balkan coordinator for the COST office, then ran through the parameters for participation in COST Actions for the region. Ms Voinova explained how COST can provide some of the necessary support needed to ensure that all countries of Central and South Eastern Europe are fully integrated in Europe’s drive for competitiveness and innovation.