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Horizon 2020 - New Commission, new Agenda

Location The University Foundation, Brussels
Date 24 March 2015
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COST outlined its overall contribution to Horizon 2020 objectives at the Science Business event focusing on the first outcomes and expectations of the research and innovation programme, one year on. Participants also discussed challenges in European research and innovation over the next 20 years.

In the Defining Impact under Horizon 2020 panel session,  Dr Monica Dietl outlined the role COST-funded science and technology networks play in building the programme‚Äôs expected impact. 

As part of the Horizon 2020: A programme with global ambitions  breakout session, she also took the chance to explain the  open nature of COST , an organisation promoting international cooperation ever since its 1971 foundation. 

More specifically, the  excellence and inclusiveness policy  that COST prides itself on helps connect researchers within and beyond EU borders with top science hubs worldwide. It also helps  widen EU participation in research programmes , a Horizon 2020 objective. 

COST has committed half of its 2014-2020 budget to build on past efforts and reinforce activities nurturing excellent science leading to worldwide collaboration.

Presentations  are available for download. 

There is also a short feedback survey you can fill in. 

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