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The Futures of the City: Towards Sustainable Urban Environment and Mobility

Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Date 24 - 25 November 2010
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80% of European citizens are living in urban areas. The impact and perception of issues regarding environmental, economic or social developments will increasingly have an urban dimension.

Future city

Urban issues will therefore also have their place in future research agendas, although the city as such is seldom seen as a research object in itself. COST TUD encompasses a wide range of scientific expertises that addresses those urban issues in a holistic way.


The workshop gathered experts in the field of activities of Transport and urban development in order:

  • to map the problems and challenges regarding the (built) urban environment and urban mobility;
  • to reach a shared vision(s) of the future and be able to derive an action plan and (issues for) a strategic research agenda;
  • to gain a common understanding on the societal needs and the roles of R&D&I.

The invited experts were policy makers and other stakeholders on the one hand, and representatives of the research community on the other hand. Members the first group described the problems and challenges as well as the research priorities. Representatives of the research community presented the issues research can tackle and the solutions it can offer.


The workshop addressesdthe following topics:

  • a global and holistic view on developments in urbanised areas and their future problems and challenges;
  • a more in depth analysis along the lines of different functions cities perform;
  • the role and contribution of science and technology;
  • Panel discussion and elements for an action plan and strategic research agenda.