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27 - 28 August 2014
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

A Scientific Roadmap for Projections of Global Change Impacts on Forests

Europe’s forests contribute substantially to human prosperity and well-being. Forests have been subject to intensive research for centuries. However, new developments such as climate change as well as other environmental and societal changes are challenging our current knowledge about sustainable management of forests. These challenges have been partly addressed by a number of past and ongoing research projects and COST Actions, but a synthesis of what we know and what we do not know regarding the future of forests is needed. This 2-day event brought together a group of approximately 30 scientists to discuss the challenges and research needs for making projections about the future of Europe’s forests under climate and global change.

08 - 10 July 2014
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Piacenza, Italy

External events

2014 RuminOmics Summer School

30 June - 04 July 2014
Brussels, Belgium

COST Action events

15th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR 2014)

COST Action TU1208 co-organised this year's GPR event alongside Université Catholique de Louvain, University of Edinburgh, Roma Tre University and Delft University of Technology.

22 - 26 June 2014

External events

ESOF 2014 - Euroscience Open Forum

COST was proudly present at ESOF 2014, an inter-disciplinary, pan-European meeting which every two years brings together 5000 scientists, business leaders, government officials and international media to discuss the best of European science and to address all of the major global challenges, including Energy, Climate Change, Food and Health. This year's vision was to raise awareness of science in the public and to strengthen the effective “bridges” between science and society that is synonymous with Euroscience.

16 - 20 June 2014
Bucharest, Romania

Ferroelectric and Multiferroic Electroceramics: Trends and Perspectives - COST Action MP0904 Showcase within Electroceramics XIV

Electroceramics materials and applications are one of the major research topics in the field of materials science. The aim of Electroceramics XIV was to provide an interdisciplinary forum for scientists of various theoretical and experimental areas, involved in fundamental as well in applied research or in industrial implementation of such materials in multifunctional devices. The scientific programme included the full-day COST Action MP0904 Showcase: Ferroelectric and Multiferroic Electroceramics: Trends and Perspectives.

06 - 07 June 2014
University of Liechtenstein, Vaduz, Liechtenstein

External events

COST Action Smart Energy Regions at Green Summit 2014

12 - 14 May 2014
Sirolo (AN), Italy

Transdisciplinary strategic event

Bridging the Gap between Science and Art

The main objective of this COST strategic transdisciplinary event was to highlight the creative and emotional processes behind any outstanding scientific discovery similar to those underlying artistic productions and therefore render a scientific career more appealing for undergraduate students considering pursuing one. There is a strong parallelism between scientists and artists when it comes to the creation of new scientific and artistic ideas. Nowadays, more than ever, we need creative scientists and artists to share their ideas and collaborate in order to boost Europe’s competitiveness and innovation potential.

12 - 13 May 2014
Athens, Greece

Food Waste in the European Food Supply Chain: Challenges and Opportunities

The problem of food wastage has attracted considerable public attention in recent years, as did the resolution adopted on the subject by the European Parliament on 19 January 2012 (2011/2175(INI). Declaring 2014 the European Year against Food Waste, as proposed by the European Parliament, will not only give strong support to the reduction of food waste, but also raise public awareness on the issue in which COST is playing a significant role in the research arena by connecting high quality scientific communities throughout Europe and worldwide, however COST, also facilitates the information flow between researchers, policy makers, regulatory bodies, decision makers and industry. Consequently, a strategic activity on Food Waste was a natural role for COST.

05 - 08 May 2014
Athens, Greece

Transdisciplinary strategic event

Epigenetics: From Bench To Bedside

Given that epigenetics is currently recognized as one of the most exciting fields of modern science, there is an urgent need for considering a role for the EU research community with respect to this new and emerging discipline of biology which, notably, is compared by many top-ranked scientists with the revolution of quantum physics at the beginning of the 20th century. The conference offered an excellent opportunity for defining a solid framework for establishing EU as a world leader in the field. The Domain structure at COST guaranteed a maximum of success by bringing together scientists from BMBS, CMCT, FA, and ICT. By employing a highly interdisciplinary panel of speakers as well as participants representing top-class EU academic institutions and enterprises, the event will clarify the emerging importance of epigenetics in basic as well as in applied research.

07 - 08 April 2014
Sopot, Poland

The Predictive Power of Marine Science in a Changing Climate

The future quality of life on Earth depends fundamentally on trends in world climate. Seas and oceans play a dominant role in regulating global climate by helping to control greenhouse gases, global heat transfer and weather patterns. If we also consider the energy and other resources oceans offer, their essential importance to human existence becomes obvious. Reports from various international communities clearly indicate that the marine environment becomes a subject to migrate under the climate change. This strategic event focused on the current capabilities of the predictive tools and programmes aimed at describing the future scenarios of the marine environment changes, and at identifying the gaps in our present knowledge of the marine science in terms of atmosphere-ocean interactions, sea water dynamics, role of marine chemistry in diagnosis of the present stay and prediction of future perspective, and interaction of ocean dynamics and ecology.

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Events 91 to 100 of 372    all on one page


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