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28 May - 01 June 2012
UPPMAX/UPPNEX, Uppsala, Sweden

COST Action events

Training School ‘Next Generation Sequencing analysis methods for life sciences’

This Training School was a Trans-Domain activity funded by COST to involve the Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) from three COST Actions: BM1006 ‘Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis Network’, TD0801 ‘Statistical challenges on the 1000€ genome sequences in plants’ and FA0806 ‘Plant virus control employing RNA-based vaccines: A novel non-transgenic strategy’.

15 - 16 May 2012
International Press Centre, Brussels

External events

Water Innovation Europe

COST was delighted to support Water Innovation Europe and reaffirm its commitment to research in the water sector. Water Innovation Europe was an event led jointly by WssTP and ACQUEAU, the EUREKA Cluster for water. It aimed to push forward the central initiative of the European water sector – innovative collaboration for sustainable & competitive results – through active discussion and debate.

26 - 29 March 2012
London, United Kingdom

External events

Planet Under Pressure - New knowledge towards solutions

A major international conference to provide scientific leadership towards the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development - Rio+20

19 - 20 March 2012
Conference Center of the National Research Council, Rome, Italy

COST Action events

Combining Soft Computing Techniques and Statistical Methods to Improve Data Analysis Solutions - Final Conference

The final conference of COST Action IC0702 was the last public event of this network and dealt with the core of its programme, Soft Computing and Statistics to improve Data Analysis.

19 - 21 March 2012
Cesena, Italy

COST Action events

1st International Conference on Food Digestion

The 1st International Conference on food digestion was organised by COST Action FA1005 Infogest.

16 March 2012
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Exploratory workshops

Sustainable Protein Supply

The aim of the workshop was to come up with a research agenda that provides a vision and ambition on future supply of sustainable protein in Europe and defines the first steps to be taken to realize its implementation.

13 - 14 March 2012
Delft, The Netherlands

External events

Urbanism on Track 2012

Tracking technologies such as GPS, mobile phone tracking, video and RFID monitoring are rapidly becoming part of daily life. Technological progress offers huge possibilities for studying human activity patterns in time and space in new ways.

16 February 2012
International Press Center, Residence Palace, Brussels

RESCUE Synthesis Report - Launch Event

The RESCUE synthesis report was presented officially during the RESCUE Press Event on Thursday 16 February 2012.

19 January 2012
Royal College of Physicians, London, UK

External events

Personalised Health Care: From Theory to Practice

After years of development, personalised health care is starting to move into clinical practice - and patients, healthcare providers and payers could all benefit.

05 - 06 December 2011
Square - Brussels Meeting Centre

External events

Innovation Convention

This first edition of the Innovation Convention was held in Brussels and opened by President Barroso one year after the adoption of the Innovation Union flagship initiative, the EU's roadmap to turn Europe into a more innovation-friendly and competitive continent.

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Events 221 to 230 of 432    all on one page