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12 - 13 May 2014
Athens, Greece

Food Waste in the European Food Supply Chain: Challenges and Opportunities

The problem of food wastage has attracted considerable public attention in recent years, as did the resolution adopted on the subject by the European Parliament on 19 January 2012 (2011/2175(INI). Declaring 2014 the European Year against Food Waste, as proposed by the European Parliament, will not only give strong support to the reduction of food waste, but also raise public awareness on the issue in which COST is playing a significant role in the research arena by connecting high quality scientific communities throughout Europe and worldwide, however COST, also facilitates the information flow between researchers, policy makers, regulatory bodies, decision makers and industry. Consequently, a strategic activity on Food Waste was a natural role for COST.

05 - 08 May 2014
Athens, Greece

Transdisciplinary strategic event

Epigenetics: From Bench To Bedside

Given that epigenetics is currently recognized as one of the most exciting fields of modern science, there is an urgent need for considering a role for the EU research community with respect to this new and emerging discipline of biology which, notably, is compared by many top-ranked scientists with the revolution of quantum physics at the beginning of the 20th century. The conference offered an excellent opportunity for defining a solid framework for establishing EU as a world leader in the field. The Domain structure at COST guaranteed a maximum of success by bringing together scientists from BMBS, CMCT, FA, and ICT. By employing a highly interdisciplinary panel of speakers as well as participants representing top-class EU academic institutions and enterprises, the event will clarify the emerging importance of epigenetics in basic as well as in applied research.

07 - 08 April 2014
Sopot, Poland

The Predictive Power of Marine Science in a Changing Climate

The future quality of life on Earth depends fundamentally on trends in world climate. Seas and oceans play a dominant role in regulating global climate by helping to control greenhouse gases, global heat transfer and weather patterns. If we also consider the energy and other resources oceans offer, their essential importance to human existence becomes obvious. Reports from various international communities clearly indicate that the marine environment becomes a subject to migrate under the climate change. This strategic event focused on the current capabilities of the predictive tools and programmes aimed at describing the future scenarios of the marine environment changes, and at identifying the gaps in our present knowledge of the marine science in terms of atmosphere-ocean interactions, sea water dynamics, role of marine chemistry in diagnosis of the present stay and prediction of future perspective, and interaction of ocean dynamics and ecology.

27 - 28 March 2014
Brussels, Belgium

COST Actions: A Great Opportunity as Incubators for Molecular Science and Technology

Founding a company in the fields of chemistry and the life sciences is not only associated with high initial investments for good equipment but it also requires capable minds to develop scientific ideas into marketable products. Many scientists at universities and other research institutions dream about a company but there are many hurdles to overcome to achieve such objective. From the basic scientific intuition to the establishment of a “new technology company“ able to attract customers, find suitable suppliers, hire an appropriate workforce, etc., a rigorous business plan is needed and investment capital is required to launch the start-up.

23 - 27 March 2014
Rehovot, Israel

COST Action events

COST Action MP1006 Conference on Fundamental Problems in Quantum Physics

27 - 28 November 2013
Hotel Diplomat, Prague (CZ)

COST Action events

1st BacFoodNet Conference - A European Network for Mitigating Bacterial Colonisation and Persistence on Foods and Food Processing Environments

25 - 27 November 2013
Zagreb, Croatia

Transdisciplinary strategic event

COST Arts & Technologies (CAT)

The rationale behind the COST Arts & Technologies (CAT) workshop is that there are large potential gains in integrating arts on the one hand with technologies on the other, to a larger extent than what has been done so far. Combining artistic creativity with technological expertise should in itself have a great potential to lead to new products, services and social innovations.

18 - 20 November 2013
Delft University of Technology

Transdisciplinary strategic event

Materials in a resource-constrained world

Modern society is totally dependent upon the affordable access to raw materials from which high-tech materials are produced for the automotive, aviation, electronics, power generation, medical, construction and other industries. We live in a materialized world. However, the triptych of decreasing finite natural resources, an ever increasing human population, and rapidly increasing levels of consumption in the developing world are putting increasing demands on the planets' raw materials and natural resources.

06 - 08 November 2013
LITEXPO, Vilnius, Lithuania

External events

ICT 2013 - Create, Connect, Grow

15 October 2013
Brussels, Belgium

High-level policy event

COST Science Night

COST Science Night 2013 provided European policymakers and representatives of the EU institutions, the scientific community and the press the opportunity to meet researchers leading selected COST Actions, who showcased their cutting-edge work in a number of scientific fields and explained how the pan-European science and technology networks supported by COST contribute to addressing key global scientific and societal challenges.

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Events 101 to 110 of 375    all on one page


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