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on 08 March 2018

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08 March 2018
Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw, Poland

COST Connect

COST Connect - Quantum: Where will the next jump go?

“Quantum: Where will the next jump go?” will be an open space for participants to discuss the importance of quantum technology and research. With increasing global interest in exploiting quantum technologies, the COST Connect event will provide networking opportunities that link active researchers with representatives from the Quantum sector and EU stakeholders.

Upon invitation only

07 - 09 March 2018
National Research Council, Rome, Italy

COST Action events

International Conference on Peer Review

Organised by COST Action PEERE, the conference will offer scholars, practitioners and science stakeholders the chance to meet and share evidence on peer review in different fields, such as medicine, computer science, social sciences or humanities. The event aims to encourage the use of evidence-based research in designing and implementing peer review in various scientific areas.

Registration open