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MPNS COST Action MP0905
Black Holes in a Violent Universe

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The main objectives of this Action are (i) to enhance the understanding of the BH-phenomenon and its impact on the evolution of our Universe,(ii) to study the fundamental laws of nature using an multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional approach of BH research, and (iii) to use BHs as laboratories to test new physical concepts.

Black Hole physics is both fundamental and broad ranging and hence multidisciplinary. The world’s first open and flexible network on BH research will counteract the existing fragmentation of this research field. To attack the elementary and far-reaching demands posed by BH-related science, an overarching framework is required. It will connect astronomers from all wavelength regimes (from low energy radio bands up to ultra-high energies such as TeV), working on all mass scales of Black Holes, i.e. from the smallest structures up to the largest masses in the Universe (i.e. Quantum BHs to SMBHs), with physicists and particle physicists as well as theoreticians, observers and software and technology developers. By strengthening Europe’s scientific networking capacities in BH research, Europe’s leading role in the international competition will be enhanced. The collaboration of scientists and engineers in this Action will also catalyse an increase of European industrial competitiveness to meet the technological challenges of upcoming large-scale facilities (e.g. E-ELT, SKA).

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Prof Laurens KATGERMAN (NL)

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Dr Caroline WHELAN

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