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MPNS COST Action 536

Management Committee

MC Chair Mr John HALD (DK)
MC Vice Chair Dr R. Brendon SCARLIN (CH)

COST Participants

Country MC Member
Austria Prof. Horst CERJAK
Austria Dr Krystyna SPIRADEK-HAHN
Belgium Prof. Alfred DHOOGE
Czech Republic Prof. Vaclav SKLENICKA
Denmark Mr Rudolph BLUM
Finland Mr Pertti AUERKARI
Finland Prof. Tuomo J. TIAINEN
Germany Dr Claus JOCHUM
Germany Dr Torsten-Ulf KERN
Hungary Prof. János GINSZTLER
Hungary Dr László DEVENYI
Italy Mr Stefano CAMINADA
Netherlands Mr Rijk VAN VULPEN
Netherlands Dr Stan MANDZIEJ
Slovakia Prof. Jozef ZRNIK
Slovakia Dr Peter BRZIAK
Spain Dr Alina AGUERO
Spain Prof. Francisco Javier PEREZ TRUJILLO
Sweden Mr Lennart JOHANSSON
Sweden Prof. Hans-Olof ANDREN
Switzerland Dr R. Brendon SCARLIN
United Kingdom Dr Les W BUCHANAN
United Kingdom Dr Derek ALLEN

COST Participants subject to MC permission and MoU acceptance

Country MC Member
France Dr Benjamin FOURNIER

General Information*

Chair of the Action:

Mr John HALD (DK)

Vice Chair of the Action:

Dr R. Brendon SCARLIN (CH)

DC Rapporteurs:

Prof. Jiri SVEJCAR (CZ)

Science officer of the Action:

Dr Caroline WHELAN

Administrative officer of the Action:

Ms Marie-Eve HASTIR


Action Fact Sheet

Download AFS as .RTF

Memorandum of Understanding

Download MoU as PDF

Progress Report

Download Progress Report as PDF

Final Report

Download Final Report as PDF


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