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MPNS COST Action 534
New Materials and Systems for Prestressed Concrete Structures

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Understanding the durability of existing andnewly built prestressed concrete structures in order to prolong their service life (80 instead of 50 years) was the main goal of the Action. The Action eatblished the collaboration between scientists from different backgrounds (corrosion, electrochemistry, physics, non-destructive testing, mechanical and civil engineering) across Europe. Their task was to minimize repair and monitoring costs of the structures and also improve their long-term safety. The Action provided results important for owners and maintenance authorities, construction industry, engineers and researchers. Improved guidelines for durable corrosion protection of new prestressed structures and elements, new system approachand multi-layer protection are some of the examples. The Action worked also on new prestressing materials and new prestressing systems with improved durability. Very important was the understanding of the long term economic effects of various design, assessment and intervention options.

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Prof. Jiri SVEJCAR (CZ)

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Dr Caroline WHELAN

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