Dr Pascale Massiani

Dr Pascale Massiani is a CNRS Senior Researcher working at UPMC (Paris, France).

She received her Chemical Engineer diploma from "Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier" (France) and her PhD in heterogeneous catalysis from "Université de Lorraine" (Nancy, France). After being appointed in CNRS, she worked on the preparation of organized porous nanomaterials and was awarded a bronze medal by CNRS for her innovative results on the synthesis of zeolites. Her expertise covers many complementary aspects on the comprehension and optimization of these solids, going from their in situ and operando characterizations to their application as catalysts or adsorbants in the domains of energy and environment. She has co-authored more than 110 articles in peer-reviewed international journals and has mentored 15 Ph.D students and more than 50 master students and young researchers.


While pursuing her researcher career, Dr Massiani is part time European Affairs Officer for the Institute of Chemistry of CNRS and acts as french NCP member for the Horizon2020 FET action. She has participated to several collaborative projects as partner or coordinator, particularly with southern Europe and mediteranean countries. She also worked for one year in a californian company developing innovative catalysts (Catalytica Inc., Mountain View). She had opportunities to act as co-chair or treasurer in the organization of some conferences and has been member of several scientific associations or university committees. She is regularly involved in local, national or international reviewings (PhD defenses, abstracts selection in conferences, projects evaluations, peer-reviews for many journals). She was recently member of a Panel Review for the selection of  COST projects.


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