COST Strategy

Since 2011, COST has been shaping its future and preparing for the new challenges to be taken up under Horizon 2020.

COST at a turning point

COST has established its next seven-year framework, strategy and roadmap for pan-European science and technology cooperation, demonstrating its commitment to European values.

Major building blocks

  • COST Strategy for preparing the future (2011)
  • COST Position Paper: “The COST Framework – A Cornerstone of the ERA” and Action Plan for Inclusiveness and Excellence (2012)
  • COST Association, a dedicated legal entity integrating governance, management and support functions to best serve COST mission (2013)
  • Framework Partnership Agreement, a strategic roadmap for the next seven years, signed with the European Commission (July 2014)
  • Specific Grant Agreement, a description of the first year’s work plan, signed with the European Commission (July 2014)
  • Transfer of ESF-COST Office to the COST Association, acted between the ESF and the COST Association (September 2014)

COST goals

  • Steering COST Actions towards new concepts and products, a result of the networks’ science- and technology-driven nature and support for innovative ideas
  • Enabling inclusive and open cooperation within COST countries and beyond
  • Measuring COST Action results, outcomes and impact, as reflected in the 2009 and 2014 impact assessment studies
  • Ensuring quality performance in implementing its activities, as reflected in the 2014 customer satisfaction survey

COST Position Paper

The 35 COST Member Countries approved this paper in March 2012 to emphasise the unique role of COST within the European Research Area (ERA) and anticipate its contribution to the future EU Research and Development Framework Programme.

COST Action Plan for Inclusiveness and Excellence

As a follow-up of the COST Position Paper, the COST Action Plan, approved in June 2012, aims at increasing inclusiveness in COST activities while fostering scientific excellence throughout Europe

The COST Plan for Strategic Activities

It outlines objectives and defines procedures for setting up science and technology or policy-driven strategic activities. These activities cover conferences and events and more specifically Targeted Networks.

Specifically, CSO-driven COST Targeted Networks function similarly to COST Actions. There are four such Targeted Networks running since 2012:


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