COST Organisation

The COST organisation is reflecting its intergovernmental nature and democratic values.

The COST organisation features the Ministerial Conferences, the COST Association, the COST National Coordinators and the Scientific Committee.

COST Ministerial Conferences

COST convenes, every 5-6 years, a Ministerial Conference with the aim to reaffirm the Member States' support for COST as a unique framework for pan-European cooperation in research and innovation, leveraging national investments in S&T providing a clear demonstration of European values.

The last COST Ministerial Conference took place on 21-22 September 2016 in Bratislava, under the Slovakian EU Presidency.

The COST Association

The COST Association was established in September 2013 by the COST Member States as an international not-for-profit association under Belgian law. The COST Association integrates governance, management and implementation functions into a single structure, thus ensuring the intergovernmental nature of COST and its pan-European dimension. The 36 COST Member States are full members of the COST Association; Israel is a Cooperating State.

The President of the COST Association is Prof. Dr Sierd Cloetingh . Ms Annette Borchsenius was elected Vice-President of the COST Association in early 2016. The Director of the COST Association is Dr Ronald de Bruin .

Committee of Senior Officials (CSO)

The Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) is the decision-making body as General Assembly of the COST Association. It decides the overall strategy and defines COST policies. It is responsible for the achievement of COST's mission.

The CSO is composed of up to two representatives of the COST Member States who are senior officials appointed by the Ministries responsible for science, research, education or innovation. The Israel representative is observer at the CSO.

The CSO meets twice a year. After each meeting a press release and draft summary conclusions are published (the list is available  here ).

Executive Board (EB)

The Board consists of at least seven members including the President. Its role is to supervise and monitor the COST activities implementation and prepare the CSO meetings.


The Administration is in charge of the administrative tasks and day-to-day operation of COST activities and supports and implements CSO and EB decisions under the authority of the Director.

The COST Association's organisational chart is available  here .

COST National Coordinators (CNC)

Each COST Member Country and the Cooperating State nominate one COST National Coordinator. The role of the COST National Coordinator (CNC) is to:

  • Nominate COST Action Management Committees (MC), while accepting the COST Actions' Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
  • Advise and inform scientists and institutions in their countries on all COST related matters (e.g. Actions, participation, Open Call)

COST Scientific Committee

The CSO appoints the Committee's 36 members: renowned, independent European researchers. It is key to the overall supervision and quality control of procedures related to the submission, evaluation and selection of proposals and the monitoring and final assessment of COST Actions. Visit this page for more information. 


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