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COST Academy

The COST Academy is a new initiative launched in September 2017 offering dedicated training and mentoring to boost the leadership, management, administrative and communications skills of young and/or Inclusiveness Target Country researchers.

“Launched in September 2017, the COST Academy is a new initiative of the COST Administration offering training and mentoring to selected COST Action participants.” 

The majority of training takes place at the COST office (Brussels) except for the online training, which will be available through the COST website as of 2018.  

The COST Academy programme covers:

  • Main proposers workshops – targeted at main proposers of approved COST Action proposals. It presents the COST Programme, gives an overview about the financial and administrative rules as well as a first introduction to e-COST, the COST Action management eTool.
  • Leadership workshops – for Action secondary proposers (either young or ITCs researchers) who are potential candidates for leadership positions. These workshops will be organised under centralised management activities, between the Action main proposer workshop and the first management committee meeting. This activity involves the COST Administration and experienced Action Chairs, Vice-Chairs, working group leaders, communication managers, short-term scientific mission coordinators and grant holders who provide a training in a ‘best practice’ approach.
  • Grant holder workshops – hands-on training on e-COST to grant holders elected at the first management committee meeting of the Action. Additional funding could target grant holders of a running Action who may need to improve their management skills.
  • Science communication and media training – practical training targeted at participants entrusted with dissemination and communication in their Action. Participants will learn how to build a successful communication strategy, how to define messages, how to approach the media and how to handle digital tools to get a message across, among others. 


“The COST Academy provides course participants with the opportunity to learn from experienced COST Action chairs and the best experts in the field.”

The courses led by COST experts and external experts, combine theory with practical exercises, and some will involve concrete best practice cases. The COST Association also plans to add mentoring and online courses at a later stage.

These include:

  • Mentoring for grant holders – additional support enabling grant holders to be more independent and autonomous, while gaining experience in the management of EU funds and in coordinating activities.
  • Mentoring for Action Chairs and Action Vice-Chairs –mentoring organised in the form of short-term scientific missions for Action Chairs and Action Vice-Chairs from ITCs, to exchange best practice approaches with successful Action’s Chairs.

This initiative was born in order to reinforce the COST Excellence and Inclusiveness policy, which aims to boost underrepresented researchers such as, young researchers, women and researchers from Inclusiveness Target Countries. Currently participants are invited through their involvement in COST Actions; as the programme develops new learning modules will be incorporated.  

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