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TUD COST Action 353
Winter Service Strategies for Increased European Road Safety

1. The main objective of the Action is to develop a framework for the management of winter

traffic for maximised road safety.

In doing so, the best policy is formulated and implemented through effective network strategies.

The framework for the Action includes both winter maintenance and traffic management tools,

including Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), for application and implementation by road

authorities on strategic, urban and rural networks. The expected outcome is a high level of service

performance, low accident risk, minimal traffic delays to freight, road users and pedestrians on the

whole European transport system.

Different demands need to be considered, differentiated by climatic regions and the different road

networks (strategic, rural, urban) to be maintained.

2. The Secondary Objective is:

"to integrate new methods of winter maintenance management through the use of the latest

technologies for data management, communication and vehicle positioning."

The definition of which technologies are sufficiently well advanced to qualify for winter

maintenance management and the requirements of several components, such as communications or

positioning, need to be established as well as their possible integration into a modular total system.

In this respect, legal, institutional and social aspects as well as a cost-benefit analysis should be

taken into consideration.

(Descriptions are provided by the Actions directly via e-COST.)

General Information*

Chair of the Action:

Prof Christian HOLLDORB (DE)

Science officer of the Action:

Dr Mickael PERO

Administrative officer of the Action:

Ms Carmencita MALIMBAN


Action Fact Sheet

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Memorandum of Understanding

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Progress Report

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Final Report

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