MPNS in Detail

The following examples illustrate actual research within this Domain. The scope of the Domain is not restricted to these areas alone, however.

periodic table

New developments in industrial technology requiring the development, characterisation and production of new materials and providing solutions for sectors such as energy, transport, telecommunications, informatics and health.

Technology-Driven Physics underpinning many industries and technological processes and contributing to the development of new materials and a broad variety of new devices for areas such as optics and plasma or surface physics.

Physics and the Human Condition for Actions studying the relationships between physics and the environment, medicine or biology.

Emerging Technologies in the hydrogen, solar and bio- related sectors, which also trigger innovative progress in conventional sectors such as power generation, transport, aerospace and lighting.

Cultural Heritage in which the most fundamental questions as to the structure of matter, birth of the universe and the origin of life are considered in addition to Actions focusing on the restoration and conservation of ancient architecture, the built environment and historical artifacts.

Multidisciplinary Research: The Domain maintains close interaction with other COST Domains on wide-ranging issues such as the environment, global warming and social aspects of nanotechnology. By recognising the huge potential of Nanosciences in such different areas, the Domain encourages multidisciplinary Actions and cooperates especially closely with BMBS, CMST and ICT. Therefore, new ideas and initiatives are welcome as well as those with high interdisciplinary elements and close links and overlaps with other Domains.


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