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Magnetic Fluid Hydrodynamics

This Action addressed fundamental issues related to the interaction of the electric and magnetic fields with the flow of electrically conducting media. As a result of COST Action P6 collaboration between European groups has been elevated to a new level. Significant advances have been made in both theoretical and applied research in semiconductor crystal growth, magneto-fluid-dynamics (MFD), turbulence, applications of high magnetic field, measurement techniques, etc.

MFD studies the interaction between the flow of an electrically conducting fluid and the magnetic fields. It involves such diverse topics as the evolution and dynamics of stars, planets and entire galaxies, thermonuclear fusion, metallurgy and semiconductor crystal growth, electromagnetic processing of materials, Z-pinch, etc.

Action P6 established a core group of laboratories (Brussels, Ilmenau, Grenoble - later joined by Coventry), which focused on the very important long-standing issue of MFD turbulence at low magnetic Reynolds numbers. Research has been implementing various techniques: numerical, analytical, semi-analytical, and experimental. An example of continuing, post-COST-Action collaboration is the forthcoming MFD Turbulence Summer Research Programme (Brussels, July 3-16, 2005), which is being organised by Université Libre de Bruxelles and the University of Cyprus, and which attracted funding from EURATOM Association, as well as other organisations. This is a good example of sustainable networking which is stimulated by COST Actions.

Significant progress has been made in measurement techniques for liquid metal flows and visualization of MFD experiments. As a result, a reliable experimental tool exists in reconstruction of interfaces in non-transparent fluid (such as liquid metals) using the non-intrusive measurement of the induced magnetic field outside the liquid metal pools. The use of transparent fluids (e.g. electrolytes) in very high magnetic fields allows to visualize the flow pattern, and to draw conclusions about flows in non-transparent liquid metals. None of these techniques was available 5 years ago.

A culmination of the Action is the forthcoming book "Magnetohydrodynamics: Evolution of Ideas and Trends" (Springer, 2005). The book, sponsored by COST, is based on presentations at a "COST Workshop on MHD History" (Coventry, UK, May, 2004). It will contain reviews on the state-of-art in the field, and will give an outlook into the future. The workshop itself was, probably the first of its kind, gathering experts from various branches of magneto-fluid-dynamics.

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