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MPNS COST Action MP1207
Enhanced X-ray Tomographic Reconstruction: Experiment, Modeling, and Algorithms

The aim of this Action is to establish an active, interdisciplinary research network that bridges the gap between the experimental X-ray tomography community and the mathematical image reconstruction community. While the advanced X-ray imaging community (i.e. synchrotron imaging, advanced lab setups) and the image reconstruction community have each made strong progress in various research projects within Europe, further advances require the combination of efforts and ideas from both fields. A joint network must be established including both communities, where experiences, ideas and computational tools can be exchanged and cross-fertilization can take place in a concerted effort.

The goal is to develop the next generation of X-ray tomography techniques and algorithms for absorption, phase, diffraction, and fluorescence contrast imaging. As a result, both the spatial and temporal resolution of advanced X-ray imaging will be strongly increased, facilitating high-tech research and industrial applications in a wide range of fields (materials science, life sciences, biomedical sciences, etc.).

Working Groups will be formed that deal with quantitative modeling, tailored algorithm development, and practical software development. The resulting

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General Information*

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Prof Kees Joost BATENBURG (NL)

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