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MPNS COST Action MP1203
Advanced X-ray spatial and temporal metrology

Soft 0.03 -1 keV and hard X-rays 1 -100 keV are one of the best tools for probing matter from the macroscopic to the atomic scale thanks to their penetrating power, spectral selectivity and ability to achieve single atom image. Apart from scientific applications, X-rays are everywhere in our daily life, from medicine, security, food safety, environment and cultural heritage. Ultra-intense X-ray free-electron lasers, plasma-based soft X-ray lasers and attosecond high harmonics have strongly changed the X-ray paradigm. Demands on optics and beam metrology are outstripping the conventional X-ray metrology pulled by synchrotron, EUV lithography and solar telescopes. This Action will bring together and consolidate a huge infrastructural and facility rich consortium of hundreds of PIs, ERs and ESRs. New synergies between the different groups will induce strong and fast progress in X-ray metrology. Firms and standardization laboratories are well involved. This Action will improve public and private researchers career at all stages, by increasing mobility and exchange. Five working groups will be set: “X-ray spatial metrology of optics”, “Spatial and temporal metrology of X-ray sources”, “X-ray coherent and incoherent imaging diagnostics”, “Damage on X-ray optics”, “High brightness and coherent X-ray sources for advanced spatial and temporal metrology”.

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Dr Philippe ZEITOUN (FR)

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