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MPNS COST Action MP1201
Nanoscale Superconductivity: Novel Functionalities through Optimized Confinement of Condensate and Fields (NanoSC -COST)

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The world has just celebrated the 100 years of discovery of superconductivity by Kamerlingh Onnes. Superconducting materials are of special interest in the XXI century since they provide new energy saving solutions for electricity grids, transport, metrology, information/communication technologies, and healthcare.├‚ This Action will coordinate and strengthen scientific and technological collaboration in the field of superconductivity in Europe through a variety of organizational tools, assuring leadership in this field. It will cover fundamental issues as well as explore possible novel applications important for European industries. This Action will also contribute to innovation-based growth in the field of superconductivity aimed at overcoming the existing bottlenecks for widespread industrial applications of nanostructured superconducting materials. The key novel approach here├‚ is to exploit recent spectacular progress in design and fabrication of nanostructured superconductors, in order to develop and implement such flux and condensate confinement patterns, which not only substantially improve the superconducting critical parameters, but also lead to novel functionalities of these nanopatterned materials.├‚ Due to the advanced dedicated modern technologies needed to produce nanostructured superconductors, international and interdisciplinary collaboration is essential for a successful implementation of the Action's objectives.

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Prof Roger W├ľRDENWEBER (DE)

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