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MPNS COST Action MP0903
Nanoalloys as advanced materials: from structure to properties and applications (NANOALLOY)

The main objective of this Action is to increase knowledge and understanding in bi- and multi-metallic nanoparticles (nanoalloys) in order to develop combined experimental/computational methodologies for designing nanoparticles with specific structures, properties and functions.  NANOALLOY will contribute to the determination of phase diagrams of nanoalloys, to the development of controlled growth/synthesis protocols, and to the determination of catalytic, magnetic and optical properties of the nanoalloys of major interest in applications. The proposed network will establish a common knowledge basis on nanoalloys, reinforcing and rationalizing European research on the subject.

Alloy nanoparticles (also known as nanoalloys) are multicomponent metallic particles in the 1-100 nm diameter range. Nanoalloys present very complex structures and properties, which crucially depend on their size, composition and chemical ordering, and which can therefore be tailored for specific and industrially relevant applications - as in data storage, optical devices and catalysis. Controlling and tailoring the properties of nanoalloys, and determining their phase diagrams, require the concerted effort of experiment and computer modelling. NANOALLOY brings together European experimental and theory/modelling research groups from universities and other research institutions to develop new methodologies for the growth, synthesis and characterization of nanoalloys, leading to new materials and applications.

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Prof Riccardo FERRANDO (IT)

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