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MPNS COST Action MP0901
Designing novel materials for nanodevices - from Theory to Practice (NanoTP)

The main objective of the Action is atomic-scale interface design and characterisation. Engineering of surfaces and interfaces of nanostructures remains a central goal of modern solid state physics and chemistry, since atomically controlled interfaces play a key role in the performance of nanodevices. Limitations in characterisation and theoretical modelling tools have been a major obstacle to the development of controllable device interfaces. Technology is now entering a period of convergence between theory and characterisation tools: new electron microscopy tools can provide images and chemical mapping with atomic resolution; developments in near-field optical microscopy probes enable Raman spectroscopy of individual nano-objects. STXM-NEXAFS has been used to characterise individual nanoobjects. Concurrently, developments within the available computer codes (AIMPRO, siesta/transiesta ...) allow routine handling of systems with many 100s of atoms, and latest results show the promise of scaling this down by a factor of 10-100, i.e. into the range of realistic nano-objects. These developments will allow theoretical modelling and experimental characterisation at the same nanometric scale. This Action combines development of these new tools with the expertise needed to exploit them for improved nano-interface control and novel device design. This approach will support the design and integration of novel materials of high technological relevance.

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Dr Christopher EWELS (FR)

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