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MPNS COST Action MP0701
Composites with Novel Functional and Structural Properties by Nanoscale Materials (Nano Composite Materials-NCM)

The main objective of the Action is to form a European-wide scientific and technology knowledge platform on the topic of nano-composite materials in order to advance the R&D, the use, and the exploitation of these innovative materials in Europe with a special focus on SME's.

Polymer Nanocomposites are blends of different polymer matrices with nanometre sized functional particles. The properties of such nano-composites are remarkably different compared to conventionally filled polymers. Improvement of volume properties (modulus, strength), surface properties (hardness, abrasion resistance, and surface energy), dimensional stability as well as improvements of functional properties e.g. photo catalytic, optical, electrical, magnetic and thermal and improvements of permeability and chemical stability (UV resistance, flame retardancy) have already been demonstrated. The incorporation of only a few percent of nano-sized particles makes great property changes and formerly unachievable property combinations possible.

The Action is structured in 4 different working-groups:

- WG1 Nanoparticles / Interfaces: selection of matrix and nanoparticles, production of nanoparticles, surface functionalisation / chemical treatments of nanoparticles

- WG2 Structure/Property Relationships: linking nano-sized structures to macroscopic functional properties

- WG3 Characterisation - Modelling - Simulation: characterisation and measurement tools, simulation and modelling tools

- WG4 Processing: primary processing, dispersion -exfoliation, characterisation, properties and performance of components, process control (inline), cost effective methods of processing, standardisation, manufacturing into components, management of health, safety & environmental risks

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General Information*

Chair of the Action:

Dr Erich KNY (AT)

Vice Chair of the Action:

Prof Paul KIEKENS (BE)

Science officer of the Action:


Administrative officer of the Action:



Action Fact Sheet

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Memorandum of Understanding

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Final Report

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