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MPNS COST Action MP0602
Advanced Solder Materials for High Temperature Application (HISOLD)

The focus of the COST Action is the investigation of Pb-free replacements for high-Pb solders for high-temperature applications. This comprises a study of the chemical, physical and mechanical properties of alloys containing a large number of permutations of different alloying elements. A multiscale approach will be used:

meso-scale: The application of thermodynamics and kinetics to the study of alloying behaviour; the development of materials property databases.

macro-scale: The creation of a phenomenological description of corrosion and deformation processes occurring in a solder joint during fabrication and service,

micro- (nano-) scale: The investigation by experiment and modelling of the initial stage of the formation of intermetallic phases at the solder/substrate interface. This will involve the consideration of diffusion.

This will be most efficiently achieved through coordinated international cooperation providing a basis for interdisciplinary research. The action will increase the basic understanding of alloys that can be used as Pb-free alternatives to high-temperature solders for practical applications, for example in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Keywords: High-temperature soldering, Pb-free solder alloys, multiscale modelling, materials properties, reliability.

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Ms Carmencita MALIMBAN


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