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ISCH COST Action IS1311
Intergenerational Family Solidarity across Europe (INTERFASOL)

Societies are urgently required to develop mechanisms, programmes and policies that will foster and nurture solidarity between the young, middle and older generations. Although there is growing activism in this field, our understanding of the benefits gained by different generations from the same family in distinct settings, such as in education, work, health and human development, is disaggregated and understudied and requires an interdisciplinary knowledge interchange and coordination between European countries. This Action will synchronize, integrate and improve European research in the field of intergenerational family solidarity, its benefits in key life domains and the ways in which it can be strengthened across generations. The knowledge exchange will improve the interdisciplinary communication between researchers from different countries to advance research in the field, and will promote exchange between research, practice and policies. The Action will launch a series of activities that includes an Action website, workgroups, scientific meetings, training visits and publications.

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General Information*

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Prof Anne Marie FONTAINE (PT)

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