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ISCH COST Action IS1107

Management Committee

MC Chair Prof Lars-Erik CEDERMAN (CH)
MC Vice Chair Prof Sabine C. CAREY (DE)

Working Group Leaders

WG Leader Ms Margareta SOLLENBERG
WG Leader Prof Nils WEIDMANN
WG Leader Prof Kristian Skrede GLEDITSCH

COST Participants

Country MC Member
Austria Mr Stefan KHITTEL
Belgium Dr Arnim LANGER
Belgium Prof Marijke VERPOORTEN
Cyprus Dr Odysseas CHRISTOU
Cyprus Dr Pavlos-Ioannis KOKTSIDIS
Finland Prof Tuomo MELASUO
fYR Macedonia Prof Kire SHARLAMANOV
Germany Prof Sabine C. CAREY
Germany Prof Nils WEIDMANN
Greece Prof Ilias KOUSKOUVELIS
Ireland Prof Clionadh RALEIGH
Israel Prof Dan MIODOWNIK
Israel Prof Esteban KLOR
Italy Ms Claudia SARTORETTI
Italy Dr Stefano COSTALLI
Netherlands Dr Lutz KREBS
Netherlands Dr Ursula DAXECKER
Norway Dr Jan Ketil ROD
Norway Dr Håvard STRAND
Portugal Prof Sandro MENDONCA
Portugal Prof Manuel João RAMOS
Serbia Dr Janko MEDJEDOVIC
Spain Dr Laura MAYORAL
Spain Dr Juan Carlos SUAREZ VILLEGAS
Sweden Ms Margareta SOLLENBERG
Sweden Dr Hanne FJELDE
Switzerland Prof Simon HUG
Turkey Dr Belgin SAN AKCA
United Kingdom Prof Kristian Skrede GLEDITSCH
United Kingdom Prof Kristin Marie BAKKE
Country MC Substitute
Austria Dr Jan POSPISIL
Finland Dr Douglas FRY
Germany Prof Sven CHOJNACKI
Germany Prof Margit BUSSMANN
Greece Ms Revecca PEDI
Israel Dr Anna GETMANSKY
Israel Prof Daphna CANETTI
Italy Dr Andrea LOCATELLI
Netherlands Ms Ortrun MERKLE
Netherlands Dr Lee SEYMOUR
Norway Dr Paivi LUJALA
Norway Mr Andreas Foroe TOLLEFSEN
Poland Dr Paulina POSPIESZNA
Serbia Dr Boban PETROVIC
Spain Dr Hannes Felix MUELLER
Sweden Dr Joakim KREUTZ
Sweden Dr Erik MELANDER
Switzerland Prof Ravi BHAVNANI
Switzerland Mr Luc GIRARDIN
United Kingdom Prof Neil J. MITCHELL

COST Participants subject to MC permission and MoU acceptance

Country MC Member
Bosnia and Herzegovina Dr Ferid KRUPIC
Bosnia and Herzegovina Ms Ajla SKRBIC
Romania Ms Mara TIMOFE
Romania Dr Diana DULF

General Information*

Chair of the Action:

Prof Lars-Erik CEDERMAN (CH)

Vice Chair of the Action:

Prof Sabine C. CAREY (DE)

Science officer of the Action:

Dr Rossella MAGLI

Administrative officer of the Action:



Action Fact Sheet

Download AFS as .RTF

Memorandum of Understanding

Download MoU as PDF

Final Achievement Report

Download Final Achievement Report as PDF


Action website:

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