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ISCH COST Action A21
Restorative Justice Developments in Europe

According to the Memorandum of Understanding, the main objective of the Action was to enhance and to deepen knowledge on theoretical and practical aspects of restorative justice in Europe, with a view to supporting implementation strategies in a scientifically sound way. More precisely, the Action focused on analysing: * the process and the effects of victim-offender mediation and conferencing; * national data recording systems; * organisational features, job evaluation and satisfaction; * national legislation in relation to victim-offender mediation; * the relation between criminal justice and restorative justice practices and agencies; * training models and the experience of training legal professionals in the restorative justice area; * new restorative justice models and applications; * theoretical concepts, approaches and frameworks on restorative justice; * the applicability of restorative justice principles on (international) violent conflicts and mass victimization. The Action organised a number of working group meetings, Short Term Scientific Missions, as well as five international conferences. A book has been published: * Aertsen, I., Daems, T. and Robert, L. (eds.), Institutionalizing Restorative Justice, Cullompton, Willan Publishing, 2006. Three other books are being prepared and are expected to be published in 2007: * 'A Comparative Study of Restorative Justice Provision in Europe', Polizei und Wissenschaft, Frankfurt. * 'Images of Restorative Justice Theory', Polizei und Wissenschaft, Frankfurt. * 'Restoring justice after large-scale violent conflicts: Kosovo, Israel-Palestine, Congo and Northern Ireland', Willan Publishing, Cullompton, UK. Moreover, a special issue of Contemporary Justice Review is planned in 2007, entitled 'Contemporary Restorative Justice practices in Europe - Evaluative research presentations'.

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Mr Robert E. MACKAY (UK)

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Ms Carmencita MALIMBAN


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