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ISCH COST Action A18
Comparing the dynamics of violence within European Countries

The problem of violence in Europe is largely at a national level. In terms of law and

order, European integration has focused attention on the workings of informal

economies and the implication for these economies for transnational crime, the

trafficking of drugs and/or women and children, and money laundering. But the bulk

of criminal violence in any one jurisdiction is often “home-grown” and fostered by

internal, cultural, and historic tensions that are rooted in social processes and social

identities. Violence here is defined as any behavior by an individual that intentionally

threatens, attempts to inflict, or does cause physical, sexual or psychological harm to

others or to themselves.

The main objective of the Action is to develop knowledge outside the discourse of

law enforcement in order to understand the various forms of violence in European

countries, together with theoretical insights.

The second objective is to disaggregate violence and to examine its many forms in

different European countries. We are creating new ways of accounting for the

contribution of different forms of violence to overall statistics on violence. We are

also discussing how these moral visual forms of violence mask forms of hidden


A third objective is to explore violence for its social patterns. These patterns currently

illustrate that the risk of violence is not equally distributed throughout society.

A fourth objective is to match theoretical insights and empirical observations with the

manner in which violence is portrayed in popular and media discourses.

Finally, the Action enables a multi-disciplinary group of scholars to share insight

across nation, discipline and interest to challenge the way in which we account for

violence as a phenomenon in Europe.

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