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ISCH COST Action A17
Small and medium enterprises, economics development and regional convergence in Europe

The main objective of the Action was to increase knowledge and understanding on the topic of reform and transformation of the social welfare systems of Europe, set in the context of globalisation and European integration.

The Action entailed a novel approach to the study of national welfare systems performed at an internationally comparative level of analysis. Working Groups analysed different aspects of the interaction between national social welfare systems, European integration and the process of globalisation. A successful Final Conference was held in Nantes in May 2004.

The Action has made an important contribution to connecting the various relevant national research programmes and integrating new perspectives into European social research. A number of important publications have come out of the Action, notably the special issues of academic journals:

“Making a European Welfare State? Convergences and Conflicts over European Social Policy” (Social Policy and Administration, December 2003)

“Globalization, Europeanization and the Welfare State” (Global Social Policy, August 2003)

“EU Enlargement, Europeanization and Social Policy” (Journal of European Social Policy, August 2004)

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Ms Carmencita MALIMBAN


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