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ICT COST Action 289
Spectrum and Power Efficient Broadband Communications

Broadband communications are becoming increasingly pervasive and have a significant impact in terms of shaping modern society. Notwithstanding, in the wireless revolution era,

Many technical challenges remain to be solved due to the proliferation of wireless communication systems, the increased demand for bandwidth and power efficiency. In fact, these aspects are key for defining next-generation telecommunication systems.

This Action aimed at increasing the capacity of communication systems within a specified transmission bandwidth with minimum available transmitter power, while keeping into account the cost effectiveness and the practical implementability of the system. To achieve this goal, existing and innovative communication techniques/systems were investigated from the viewpoint of bandwidth and power efficiency. Specifically, the research activity on “Wide Area Coverage and high-mobility access systems for fourth generation (4G)” addressed the problem of centralised systems with high mobility corresponding to lower data rates, but with wider coverage areas. On the other hand, the thread on “Pervasive Wireless Access for 4G” was mainly concerned with decentralised networks with lower mobility, much higher data rates, and consequently restricted coverage areas. The third activity on SDR (Software Defined Radio) aimed at bridging the two different research directions, horizontally, since the various systems should be implemented onto the same platform for reconfigurability and adaptivity purposes.COST Action 289 made some important technical contributions which will affect positively the wireless and semiconductor industry and, ultimately, nomadic users. In particular, the benefits resulting from Action 289 are associated with the provisioning of higher data-rates, enhanced mobility to the users, longer battery life in mobile terminals, hence, overall more cost-effective telecommunication services.

The success of this Action was closely related to the efficient use of Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs). The Action, indeed, supported 14 PhD students to visit participating institutions to cooperate and conduct joint research. Moreover, COST Action 289 played a key role in terms of dissemination activities. In fact, during the course of Action 289, 85 journal papers, book chapters and books and 347 conference papers pertaining the research achievements by the Action were published.

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General Information*

Chair of the Action:

Prof Mehmet SAFAK (TR)

Science officer of the Action:


Administrative officer of the Action:

Ms Aranzazu SANCHEZ


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