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ICT COST Action 273
Towards Mobile Broadband Multimedia Networks. Chair: L. Correia, Portugal

The objectives of this Action were as follows:

- To increase the knowledge on the radio aspects of mobile broadband multimedia networks by exploring and developing new methods, models, techniques;
- To play a supporting role in the mobile communication area;
- To contribute to the deployment of systems which are very close to the completion of their standardisation phase.

Results were achieved in the areas of Radio System Aspects, Propagation and Antennas, and Radio Network Aspects. The management effort required for directing such a large and wide-ranging project is substantial. In fact, it would be a worthwhile effort to try and analyze the management of the project, which could be used as the management model for many other virtual organisations. It is also impressive that the various reports and papers produced by the consortium were amalgamated in a coherent treatise, ultimately leading to a well-focused book, published by Elsevier, which compiles a whole host of valuable ideas and hence substantially contributes towards the international scientific debate on the next generation of wireless systems. In particular, the Action introduced new analytical MIMO channel models (as input to ITU, ETSI and 3GPP). Similarly to the now classic COST 207 channel models, this COST 273 MIMO model is likely to find its way into numerous future studies. This single result alone would have justified the modest cost of this comprehensive research programme. Further achievements realised by Working Groups and also by the Sub-Working Groups were:

- Handset measurements (as input to ITU, ETSI and 3GPP);
- Channel measurements; - Mobile radio access network reference scenarios;
- Exchange of information, models and measured data among participating institutes.

The research activities carried out in the Action contributed to the keeping of the European leading role in mobile and wireless communications. The Action had impact on maintaining, and even increasing, the industrial competitiveness of European industry in the mobile communication area.

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General Information*

Chair of the Action:

Prof Luis M CORREIA (PT)

Science officer of the Action:


Administrative officer of the Action:

Ms Aranzazu SANCHEZ


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